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She doesn't like email,so write to her with commentsor requests for pricing at Maggie Scott
10 Mt Pleasant St Apt 4
Biddeford,ME 04005

Maggie designs posters, and makes bracelets too! Ask her for a price list!  
  FIREMAIDEN by Maggie Scott ButterflyFairies by Maggie Scott

Art by Sakura
for FLOCK - the DID newsletter
from JAPAN
(see link on left of website to subscribe or order 10th Anniv booklet!)

Let Sakura know how much you like his work! He is an artist who makes dolls as well as artwork!
  This is Sakura's Cover Painting for FLOCK, Titled "From Me to You" This is a photograph of the doll Sakura made, that was the model for his cover painting


Art by Annie Dunsky.
Contact her here:


Ugly Confrontation - 3 Alters
Outside at Night  
Art by Nick
Contact him here:
for prints or comments.
  Dissociation Deer in Headlights

Linda C's Mandelas
by Gypsy, Mandrake & others. Responses welcome


  Somewhere in Time Lavender Frost
Kim's Art
  Red Bird Yellow Kitty
Therapy Art by D. Boggs.
(prints for sale)
Contact her here
  Anger by D. Boggs Imagine by D. Boggs

Therapy Companion Dolls by Debbie S.

Custom designed to your specifications. $60 plus shipping. Contact for information or ordering.



Artworks by GGeyer

For more info, contact
Lynn W.
I will forward your comments.

Crying Angel by G. Geyer
Gentle Eyes of Pain by G.Geyer
    Confusion by G. Geyer  



Send comments or orders for KEEPERS by visiting their website at
Each of Us Girl Hiding Walk in Snow
  Shared By Another
Art by: Kelly
Art by: Marguerite
Order this refrigerator magnet for $1 & SASE from
Marguerite & Wee Ones, 819 Tred Avon Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212


Art by: Abby
Inner children,
like all children,
need to feel safe.
I am here for you.
You are my valued friend.
All the work is worth it when
we discover joy and bliss.
email abby for pricing and availability.


Art by: Lorraine
Send your comments direct to the artist:


Art by: Cocoon
Art by: Living Earth

Send your comments direct to Cocoon:
You can order Cocoon's Inspirational Prints capturing God's Comfort in Human Pain: 8x10 or 5x7 matted prints. $10 ea. Contact her by email,above for full color preview.

Art by: Living Earth
Send your comments: MV Art Gallery


Claywork By Caroline
Abandoned Child - Front View
Abandoned Child - Back View

Send your comments directly to Caroline:


Unique Art Pieces by Southpaw Saints

Artist's statement:

The pieces are created from polymer clay, mounted on a suede-covered board. Some pieces are highlighted with paint. I make individualized pieces, customized for each person, tailored to their particular healing experience. I can work within each person's price range.

Contact MARTY for full details.


8400 West Park Dr. Second Floor
McLean Virginia 22102


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