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Themes 2002

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February 2002

Recovery from Physical Abuse. Mind/Body healing and exercise. The Body and Me by Sunflower House. Therapists' Page: The Abuse Continuum Revisited, by George Nixon, LPC.

ART: The Mind/Body Connection.

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April 2002

Recovery from Emotional Abuse. Choosing Values to live by. Therapists' Page: Hearing the Voices of Boys and Men, Part 1, by Mary Helen Hopponen M.Ed,LPC. Also: Yoga and the Healing Journey, Part 1 by Laureen E.Smith, PhD, CYT. and two articles on integration.

ART: Spiritual Centering.

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June 2002

"Get a Life" plus Therapy! Finding balance within.Special: A Man's Story. Therapists' Page: Yoga and the Healing Journey-Part 2 by Laureen E. Smith, PhD, CYT. Partner's Page: Learning About Dissociation, by Mark Singer.

ART: What helps you feel healthy.

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August 2002

Moments of Change. Affirmations that work for you. Partner's Page: Spiritual Journey by Gary. Also: Back to Work Again by Ruth H.

ART: Recovery turning points.

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October 2002

Coping with special trauma problems: fugue states, depersonalization, amnesia attacks, PTSD flashbacks.Therapists' Page: Sadomasochism: Managing Pain with Pain by Richard A. Chefetz, M.D. Also: Different views of integration.

ART: Getting back to reality.

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December 2002

Age and Dissociation for young and old. Age-appropriate treatment. Solutions for missed development stages. Therapists' Page: Your Private Life: Not an Insurer's Business, by Richard Shulman, PhD.

ART: Growth is good.

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