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Hi Steve,

I had memories of my abuse flood my mind started my panic attacks. I didn't know what was happening either. I used to pass out sometimes and wake up in unexpected places in my house.

I have a psychology background and soon realized what was happening to me. Although knowing that these were panic attacks helped, they were frightening. I kept thinking I was having a heart attack and would call 911.

I was in therapy with a therapist who didn't believe in DID so I found one who did and the attacks got better and finally they went away forever. I had to learn to identify when one was coming on and I would talk quietly to myself and that would calm me. I had to learn what my triggers were that brought on the panic attacks. I needed my therapist to help me out with this and in addition I began journaling which helped me immensely.

Good Luck Steve,
Mary G.


Hi Steve,

I have had panic attacks as far back as I can remember. They seem to get worse when I'm stressed. But I have been working for a couple years now, on trying to talk myself through them. It is actually starting to work more often. I try to reason them out in my head. I also try to keep busy during them, and that helps alot. Sometimes nothing helps me, but those times are getting a little farther apart. I also try to think of people I feel safe with, and that helps, too.

Debbie E.



As someone who has panic attacks, I get how hard it is.  We do our best to allow it to happen, although this seems unhelpful, trying to push it away just makes it worse. We breathe through it, and have a little kit we carry with things to help ground us. Things to smell, to look at, etc, that help us. We also use ice on the arm to help us stay grounded.



Hi Steve,
You are not alone.  I also have panic attacks.  However they are not as bad as they used to be.  I am under the care of a psychologist and a physician; they work together to decide what is in my best interest.  I have been taking medication for both anxiety (panic attacks) and depression.  I have found it very helpful to make it through my days. Medication and relaxation exercises are helpful too.  Last year I developed sever IBS which creates acid reflux problems but with other
medication that is getting under control.

I do not know how helpful I can be but to let you know you are not alone.  A good check-up, with a trusted doctor with whom you can be open with, might be a good idea.  Do the best you can do and try talk therapy with a trusted therapist.  I find that helpful also.  Keeping reading Many Voices and perhaps others will write with their suggestions.

Take Care,


Hi Steve,

It seems you're not alone with panic problems. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 2.4 million Americans experience severe anxiety and/or panic from time to time. As you mentioned, medication seems to be useful to prevent or reduce the impact. You'll want to discuss the details appropriately with a prescribing physician.

The Mayo Clinic has some useful information on this, and you can also read what the American Psychiatric Association has to say about panic treatment.

I hope you get some replies from people who've actually overcome this handicap.

Best wishes,